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Why World Peace?


The question ~ "Do you believe world peace is possible?" is what one of our founders began to ask as a sociology experiment inspired by her first college class almost 20 years ago. Her line of work took her into several different businesses each day and out of curiosity, she began posing the question to those she felt a connection with. She was fascinated by the various responses she would get and the passion the question evoked in others. She experienced that it was about a 50/50 ratio on the Yeses and Nos. Some would answer Yes! Without a single thought, the answer came straight from their heart and their childlike faith was evident.  A no answer would always be followed by the person's many beliefs on why they didn’t think so.  Sometimes, when she was in a bold mood, she would say “Then you are the reason it isn’t. Because it will take everyone to believe before it will be achieved.”


What defines “World Peace”? The consensus seems to be eradicating all human violence. ~ Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill oneself or someone else.


How do we do that? Don’t know. However, there are those of us who know in our hearts that it is possible.  Napoleon Hill taught us that ~ Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 


The belief held by Connection Center members is simple ~ World Peace Is Possible!


Whether it be achieved today, tomorrow, or a billion years from now. The question is why should it have to take that long?


Malcolm Gladwell reminds us that “The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips and spreads like wildfire”


There has never been a time in history, at least that we can remember, where we have had the ability to connect easier and more authentically than we do today. 

While Connection Center has a long-term vision to be a community center in the future, today it is a simple point of connection where like-hearted-humans say Yes, I believe it is possible to experience world peace.  If you are such a believer or at least have hope, we are asking that you please put your money where your heart is and become a member for a  $1.00 donation.


Your $1.00 donation grants you a lifetime membership to Connection Center, a monthly subscription to our monthly newsletter, Interconnected, where you can follow our journey and be inspired by the great things the $1.00 donations will accomplish. In time, you may even be inspired so much that you will sponsor your friends, family, enemies, or even perfect strangers in membership. 


You will also be granted a free seat to your first Symposium.  What pray tell is this so-called Symposium? Connection Center Symposiums are where members gather together to connect on an authentic level while sharing the ideas, dreams, and visions of their hearts and minds on a specific matter.


Our first Symposium is scheduled for Valentine’s Day 2021 and the matter of discussion will be Self-Love.


One of our theme songs, Love letters to God, by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People asks “If there’s no beginning, then where would you start?” The answer ~ Within. No answers for peace exist outside of ourselves. 


Sioux wisdom teaches “The longest journey you will ever make is from your head to your heart. 


The overall purpose of Connection Center is to create a space for us to take that journey and explore what powerful things can happen when we  visualize and vocalize the solutions for world peace that exists inside of us. The solutions that the world needs to heal itself from our most immediate source of pain, human violence.  


With an estimated 7,800,000,000 people on the planet, we only need 3,900,000,0001 to reach the tipping point. Our goal is to have 500,000 members by our 5 year anniversary on December 21, 2025.


Will you bring your childlike faith and join us on this journey? 

If you’re ready we can shake the world, Believe Again, stars will bend. We don’t have to wait for destiny. We should be the change that we want to see. ~ John Legend

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