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Necole Zeigler


I live in Ashville, NC with my grouchy cat, Mufasa. I have two amazing adult children and one beautiful granddaughter. I currently work as the Corporate Controller for a company that has been in business for 68 years. I hold the vision of Connection Center becoming a community center where folks will have a beautiful safe space for connecting through laughter and love.   While I have been seen in Wonder Woman boots from time to time, I consider myself a Jesus girl. I made my commitment to the Christian faith at the age of 22 when I discovered the meaning of Agape. Like many on the path of truth seeking, my journey has led me through many hills and valleys, as I like to say, from Agape to Zen and back again. I fully admit that I do not know for certain what we will experience after we leave this life, since I have not yet been to tell the tale, I trust the word of God and do my best to use the words of Christ as my guide and believe that salvation can indeed be found in them. I respect the thoughts and beliefs of everyone and know that we are all in a place of discovery in this adventure we call life. I believe world peace is absolutely possible if we will commit to seeking truth which is where we can all find inner peace.  I am committed to holding a space for hearts to connect and learning all I can along the way!

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